Rating System

I rate books that I’ve read in stars. The biggest is 5 stars and the lowest is 1. Just remember that this is only my opinion of the book. A book that I rated 1 star might be a 5-star book for others. As much as possible, I try to explain why I gave the book a 5 or a 1.

10Books that I loved for their excellent writing, great characters, tight plotting, and just how the book made me feel or think. They are unforgettable and worthy of being re-read over and over again. Highly recommended.


The same as the five-star books with very, very minor quibbles, like length, cover, etc. Recommended.


Very good book with some quibbles about the characters, plot preference, etc. Recommended.


Generally enjoyable read but suffers from uneven pacing or a few plot contrivances. Still good and recommended with caveats.


Books that  good enough, still enjoyable but a little forgettable with some plot contrivances. Recommended with caveats.


The idea was there but poorly executed. Too many plot contrivances and unrelatable characters. Read at your own risk.



Books with poorly executed plot, repetitiveness in the prose, unrelatable and unlikable characters. Read at your own risk.


A book where everything went wrong. A waste of my time and money. Won’t recommend it.