ARC Review: Anticipation (Brothers Ink #2) by Sarah Mayberry

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This review may contain mild spoilers for book one

One of the things I like about Sarah Mayberry is that she writes great unrequited friends-to-lovers love stories . She knows how to capture the longing, the hope, the hurt…everything that makes this trope work. Plus, she writes really great relatable characters, which I always appreciate as a reader.

Anticipation is the second book of Sara Mayberry’s Brothers Ink series. This is Eddie and Blue’s story. Eddie is Rafel’s twin brother. The wild one, the one who can’t settle down, the one who like the ladies too much to settle down with one. Blue is his best friend and employee at Brothers Ink. She has been a constant in Eddie’s life the moment they met 10 years ago and Blue has been in love with Eddie for just as long.

Blue for all her desire for Eddie had been content to play the sidekick. She knew Eddie would never look at her like more than a friend. Then a freak accident changes everything. Suddenly, Eddie was confronted with the possibility that he might lose Blue and he didn’t like that at all. It was then that the author sort of flipped the script that it became a lot less about Blue having unrequited feelings for Eddie and more about Eddie’s pursuing Blue and proving to her that he’s the one for her.

I loved how I was showed Eddie’s growing feelings for Blue without the constant telling. Of course, Eddie did admit later on but it was great to see it because I, as the reader, recognized his feelings for what it is even before he even realized and acknowledged it. It was the best kind of swoon.

Her call drew Eddie’s attention, and he glanced at them, his face lighting up when he caught sight of Blue. She raised her hand in greeting and tried to ignore the warm glow in her belly that was inspired by his very obvious happiness that she’d shown up.

“That’s a Huxtaburger bag, isn’t it?” Raf said shrewdly.
“You drove all the way into Fitzroy to get her favorite burger for lunch, didn’t you?”
“This could be my lunch for all you know, smart-ass,” Eddie said, even though he could feel the tips of his ears turning red.
It was none of their business if he’d chosen to eschew the perfectly good burger place around the corner in favor of making a twenty-minute round trip to bring Blue her favorite burger in all of Melbourne. If he wanted to spoil her a little, he was perfectly within his rights to do so, and the rest of them could all taking a flying leap.

A man in pursuit is always hot but Eddie Oliveiros in pursuit of the object of heart is even HOTTER…plus, it was really cute. The title was very apt because I was definitely anticipating the time when they finally get over their stubbornness and just give in to their growing attraction. The sexual tension just sizzled. Steam was coming off the page. It was so potent I had to message a friend about it.

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Their chemistry was off the charts. I know I’ve said this during the first book but it bears repeating here because like Rafel and Maggie, Eddie and Blue also has some insane chemistry. And just when I thought Rafel was it for me, Eddie, I think was even better because the moment he realized who Blue is to him, he just went into pursuit mode. And Blue, I think, was perfect for him. She had a lot of hurt. Her back story was very sad and it explained a lot about who she is and why she made the decisions she did.

If he could, he’d tear down the world and remake it for her so that she had all the things she needed and deserved – parents who loved her, a childhood full of laughter, the knowledge that no matter what, she could always go home.

Just the like the first book, this one is also filled with great dialogue and banter. And we also get to meet a few of the Brothers Ink employee this time around. And like the first book, I wanted more from the ending. It wasn’t as rushed as the first book but I sort of didn’t want it to end yet. I wanted to read more. Other than that, this one was another wonderful read from Sarah Mayberry.



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