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Officer Luc Moretti had no idea that his dive into the East River would have him drowning in a media frenzy. No matter how many times he tells reporters he was just doing his job, they’re determined to make him into NYC’s newest hero. Coming from a long line of NYPD’s finest, Luc knows that being a cop has nothing to do with headlines and viral videos, and he’s more than ready to get back to life away from the cameras—until he meets the gorgeous but jaded journalist assigned to film a TV special on him.

Ava Sims may be the only woman in NYC who isn’t in love with Officer Moretti. That’s why she’s going after the real story—to find out about the man behind the badge. Ava’s determined to keep things strictly professional, but the more time she spends around Luc, even she has to admit there’s something about a man in uniform . . . and she can’t wait to get him out of his.

my thoughts

If not for Luc and the whole Moretti family, this book would probably get less than three stars. So despite the aggravation I felt towards the heroine, Ava, I still enjoyed this because of Luc and his boisterous Italian family. It saddens me when a character succeeds in ruining a book. Ava was a difficult heroine to relate to and as much as I love this author and enjoyed her previous works, I just didn’t fully enjoy Frisk Me as much as I’d like to.

The moment Luc and Ava met three years ago, there had been animosity between them due to Luc giving Ava a parking ticket, which she deserved but Ava, bless her heart, doesn’t see this. She is one of those annoyingly belligerent female characters who had no cause to act like one despite what she says. I get the feeling throughout the book that she thinks her ambition, her feelings are more important than Luc’s and it made me hate her character. I’m sorry but she acted like a sanctimonious bitch throughout the book. She keeps belittling and making fun of Luc’s job as a lowly junior officer and it rubbed me wrong. I spent the first part of the book getting annoyed and angry on Luc’s behalf.

My Ava issues aside, this book was a bit on the slow side. Normally, slow wouldn’t bother me but in this case, it didn’t work because I didn’t feel the chemistry between the two and I just didn’t like Ava. I wasn’t convinced of Ava’s growing feelings for Luc and Luc’s fascination with her didn’t thrill me either. So yeah, when you spend the first half of the book annoyed, I doubt there’s anything that could change your perception. And that’s exactly what happened to me.

I did understand her issues—or at least tried to understand Ava’s issues and sympathize with her. Her family was a bunch of horrible overachievers and she grew up thinking she wasn’t good enough. Luc also grew up feeling inferior to his siblings who were all police officers who achieved more than Luc had. But when one of Luc’s heroics was caught on camera, he’s suddenly became the poster boy for the police department, which brought Ava again to his life.

Aside from Ava’s wrong assumptions about Luc, there are also things in Luc’s past that he wants hidden. But Ava is determined to prove that Luc isn’t the hero people pegged him to be. She’s determined to prove her theories despite the lack of evidence and despite Luc clearly showing how good of a man he is. And this also added to my ever growing list of grievances against Ava. And just when I thought she was about to prove me wrong, she did something totally horrible that I actually wish this book didn’t end on an HEA between Luc and Ava. I would have been happy had Luc moved on and find himself another deserving girl.

Thankfully, Luc and his brother s saved this book for me. Don’t let this review scare ya though. I know not everyone will feel the same I way I did about Ava. It’s a matter of personal taste when it comes to my heroines. Overall, still enjoyable despite my problems with the heroine.


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