ARC Review: Lexington and 42nd (The Off Field Series, #1) by Kim Carmody

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ARC Review: Lexington and 42nd (The Off Field Series, #1) by Kim CarmodyLexington and 42nd (Off Field, #1)
by Kim Carmody
Published by Kim Carmody Books on March 8th 2016
Pages: 444
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It was meant to be the job opportunity of a life time.
It turned out to be so much more…
At the age of twenty five, Emma Lexington takes off to New York on a once in a life time twelve-month job exchange with the New York Warriors. Determined to make the most of the opportunity, she prepares herself for life in the big apple—fast paced, exciting and a whole lot of fun. What she hasn’t prepare for though, is meeting him.
The charming Will Jensen is in the prime of his playing career. As the star quarterback for the Warriors, his carefree, football centric life is thrown into disarray when he meets Emma, the beautiful, easy going Australian girl who joins the Warriors staff.
Unwilling to throw her professional reputation away on a fling with the playboy quarterback, Emma turns down Will’s advances, even though she can’t deny the attraction she feels for him. Their pull toward one another grows, but it takes a near disaster for Emma to finally give Will a chance.
Getting together might have been hard, but figuring out how to stay together will prove even more challenging as Emma must decide between conflicting loyalties.
Lexington and 42nd is a fun, sexy romance, set in the exciting world of the NFL in the fabulous city of New York.

When Emma Lexington was sent to New York in an exchange program with the New York Warriors, she never expected it to be more than just a job. But after meeting Warriors’ quarterback,  Will Jensen, Emma’s plan of keeping her head down, working and making her club back in Sydney was put in jeopardy at their obvious chemistry.

Jensen is young, successful and famous for his arm and his exploits off the field. But when he meets Emma, he suddenly found himself wanting her. Rebuffed by Emma, Jensen found himself intrigued and in pursuit of her.

Emma has a reason for not wanting anything to do with Will. For one, her stay in New York is temporary. She’s there for a job. Second, fraternizing with the players and frowned upon. But there’s another reason which is revealed later on in the book which perfectly explained why Emma was adamant about not starting anything with Will.

While I did like this book, I wasn’t wowed by it. It has everything any sport romance lover like me going for it. Hot and cocky athlete hero? Check. Sassy and endearing heroine? Check. Hot sexy times? Heck, yeah. Where it fell for me a little bit was the conflict. Don’t get me wrong, Emma’s struggle with keeping her job and at the same time allowing herself to fall for Jensen is a good conflict. I just didn’t feel like it was well developed. I didn’t feel a sense of urgency or felt like they were really doing anything wrong. Maybe because the characters themselves weren’t as developed as I would have liked. I didn’t feel anything for them, you know. They acted okay. They were good people and a good match but they didn’t have a lot of depth to them either.

Also, little things like the hero referring to his team as “club” was like that little thorn that got under my skin. I could understand the heroine referring to it as club since she’s Australian. And those are her thoughts and they’re consistent with her character–although, at some point, I feel like she has to acknowledge that no one in America calls an NFL team club and get with the program. The hero on the other hand is American. It feels weird reading about an American athlete refers to his team as club.

That said, I’m keeping an eye out for this series and this author. I’m obsessed with sports romance and this series sounds right up my alley. And the set-up for the next book already had me curious.

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