ARC Review: Only Trick by Jewel E. Ann

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It was the blurb hooked me. I mean, come on. It’s not everyday that you read about an amnesiac, gay, make-up artist for a hero. And for the first 15%, this book lived up to its promise.

The angst that came from longing after the unattainable was a great. The conflict, the guilt that Darby feels about her growing feelings for Trick only heightened the angst level of the book. Trick was an enigma and readers get an inkling that something about him isn’t quite right. I liked Darby. She’s awkward and pushy and her inner monologue was funny. At first.

Everything was fine until they got together and Trick decided to become and asshole and Darby quit being cute.

Then everything unraveled after that.

Darby became a clingy, obsessed, jealous and irresponsible woman with no purpose outside of Trick. He became her everything. She didn’t think twice about quitting her job without notice to move to Mexico and get married without even informing her beloved Nana.

Yes, this is romance and yes, the heroine is supposed to love the hero but I could not for the life of me root for a heroine who would willingly lose her self-identity because of a guy. It just doesn’t do it for me. I’m sorry but that’s just unhealthy. I don’t care if he’s the most handsome or the most outstanding guy in the world, you are still a separate being from your lover or husband. It just didn’t feel romantic to me.

And Trick…ugh, he suddenly became an obsessed, jealous, overbearing jerkwad whose vocabulary consist only of the word “come” and twitches his lips at a drop of the hat. He doesn’t respect her boundaries. He had security cameras set up in his bedroom that records everything and the heroine didn’t know this. When she did, she asked him to delete something because she was embarrassed. Guess what this asshole did? He just laughed at her and told her not to worry because it’s hot and he got off on it.

Did I mention he’s also irrationally jealous? He doesn’t like it when Darcy talks with another guy but when Darcy gets jealous because — oh, I don’t know –Trick happens to be staring at a pair of impressive “rack” he gets all condescending and tells her it’s so hot when she gets jealous?? WTELF!! He laughs at her feelings and totally manipulates her into doing what he wants. And Darcy, seriously, had she at least pushed back and called him on his BS would have been interesting. But tries many times but then he kisses her and she’s overcome with lust and the issue doesn’t get mentioned again. >_<

70% of the book was about Darcy and Trick constantly feeling jealous, possessive and horny for each other. The sex was hot until it became mundane. Things got boring and repetitive. Wake up, lip twitch, sex, breakfast, texting, lip twitch, sex, dinner, sex, jealous, lip twitch, sex, sleep, sex, oh eat jelly…lip twitch, sex…you get the picture.

Underneath all that, we get the looming threat of Trick’s past hanging over their heads and all I could think of was “OMG, let’s get to the good part already!” The good part came at around 85%-ish. We get the whole reveal about Trick’s past. I actually liked this part. Even though some of his back story didn’t quite make sense to me but I still liked how the reveal happened. I liked how they come together at the end.

Then the epilogue happened….

I have no words at how idiotic it was. Honestly. Trick said that he lost his parents when he was 15 years old. Well, Darby found them alive. And their reason for leaving Trick??? His mom got sick so his dad took him back to her grandparents so she can get well LEAVING TRICK BEHIND in New York. Why? Because he’s always been so smart so they know he’s going to be okay.

Spoiler Alert: He wasn’t okay. He became homeless, became a junkie and lost his fucking memory!!!

And when they went back but when they couldn’t find them in their house, they just gave up? Really?

flips table

And everyone was just crying and forgiving and crying and was so happy Trick got everyone and everything back.

The end.

ARC provided via NetGalley.

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