ARC Review: Rebel (Dead Man’s Ink #1) by Callie Hart

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Well, color me intrigued and hooked. Rebel is the first book from Callie Hart’s Dead Man’s Ink series. This is a spin off of her Blood & Roses series, and while the series is connected, there is no need to read Blood & Roses for you to enjoy this book. I haven’t read her other series but I still enjoyed this one. And just based from my experience with this book, I’ll definitely be reading her Blood & Roses series.

On her way home one night, Alexis Romera found herself witnessing a brutal execution and then kidnapped by the same people. In a strange twist of fate, Alexis, now going by the name Sophia got sold again to the president of a motorcycle club. That man, Rebel, is also connected to the man whose execution Sophia witnessed and he wants her to testify against the people who originally abducted her. If she agrees, then she’ll be putting her family in danger. If she refuse, she’ll be caught in the middle of a war.

While this book follows a mostly common captive story, it’s still different in the way the author was able to present it. Yes, it has very dark undertones but there are some weirdly lighthearted moments.

But what really made this book an enjoyable one for me was the development of Rebel and Sophia. There wasn’t anything insta about it. There is definitely an attraction between them but I liked that the author didn’t focus on it too much. She actually went to patiently build up this world and each of her characters. I really, really appreciated that. Most of the time, once the hero and heroine meets, the story and character development takes and backseat to the couples attraction for each other.

I was shocked at the ending though. I expected a cliffhanger but I was unprepared by how abrupt it was. I thought I was missing pages or something. I actually wanted it to continue until I get some answers, but no answers yet.

The only reason I rated it 3.5 and not a full four is because this felt too introductory to me. It didn’t feel settled it. Just when things got interesting, the proverbial carpet got yanked out from under me. But don’t be fooled, this book and this whole series is definitely worth starting.


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