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Remember last week when I barely posted any reviews here and told you guys that I’ve been reading and reading? Well, I’ve finally managed to write four reviews for those books I told you about last week. They’re on the short side, so instead of posting them one by one, I’ve decided combine it into one post.

First up…

Bound By The Bachelor by Sarah Mayberry

Beau Bennett and Lilly Taylor have always been at odds with each other. Lilly thinks Beau doesn’t like her and only tolerates her because of her best friend who happens to be Lilly’s best friend. As for Beau, Lilly is the one woman who gets under his skin. He’s not really looking for complication and Lilly spells complication. So he kept his distance. That is until Lilly wrangle him into participating in a bachelor auction.

I enjoyed this book immensely. It was quick and an easy read. I’m a big fan of Sarah Mayberry’s books. She writes relatable characters. They are flawed and they don’t always make the right decision but I always ALWAYS end up rooting for them.

For such a short book, the character development and the build-up between Lily and Beau is stellar. A testament to Mayberry’s skill as a writer and story-teller.


The Bachelor’s Baby by Dani Collins

Meg Canon has no plans in staying in Marietta. After all, she has a flourishing career in Chicago. Then she meet Linc Brady, newest addition to Marietta. Sparks flew and before she knew it, she’s going home with him for one night. Except that that one night turned into nine months…and maybe forever?

I’m not really a huge fan of the unexpected baby trope but Dani Collins pulled it off wonderfully. Like Lilly and Beau, I ended up rooting for this couple from the get go. Loved Linc and Meg together. Their banter and chemistry is palpable throughout the book.

I am seriously contemplating moving to Marietta after reading these two books, which happens to belong to the same series, FYI. I loved how everything tied together. I’m definitely looking forward to more from this series or anything Marietta related for that matter. 🙂


Under Her Clothes by Louisa Williams

I feel so conflicted about this book. I think the length didn’t work for me this time. It was too short and the characters didn’t feel developed to me.

Colby St. James dressed as a man to prove once and for all that gender has got nothing to do with success. She can be a woman and be a successful chef with no problem. She applied for a coveted position only to feel instant attraction towards the head chef, Dominic Fevre. Dominic was instantly attracted to Colby. He’s bi and he really thought Colby was male.

I was very intrigued by the premise of this book, and I know that the intention of the author was to show that love goes beyond gender. That it didn’t matter if Dominic thought Colby was male, what mattered was he fell in love with Colby. It’s something that I agree with but because the book is so short, it felt rushed too. Yes, I get that he loved the person but honestly, I couldn’t quite believe how easy it was for him to accept her deception. She fell in love with him as a woman but he fell in love with her thinking she was a man, a man he was intensely attracted too. I can’t help but feel confused by all of this. Lol. Maybe had this book been longer allowing for the each character to really develop, then this would have been a solid four.

I did like it and the sex was hot but again, he was turned on by the thought that he was male more than anything. So yeah…enjoyable but confusing.


Exposed by Zoey Williams

I feel absolutely bummed. I requested this because I really liked the premise. When I downloaded it, I was shocked at how short it is. But I wasn’t that worried because I’ve read short books before that still packed quite a punch story-wise. But as I started reading, it became apparent that this book wasn’t going to be one of those.

Macy Grant haven’t dated or had sex in over 5 years, so her friends staged an “intervention”. One of her friends set her up with a client of hers. Turns out, her date was a tool but she did meet Jake on that same date. The next time she and Jake saw each other again, it was at an engagement party — Jake’s. She only found out that very important detail after having sex with him, by the way. So awkward.

Turns out, Jake was a beard and his fiancée is actually gay and since she’s a supermodel, she can’t out herself. And guess who was the gay supermodel’s girlfriend is? Yup. Macy’s own best friend.

At this point, I was rolling my eyes so hard. Both Macy and her friend are so immature. To think they’re in their late 20s. And Jake? He’s not a hero. He’s a zero. I absolutely couldn’t find any redeeming quality about the guy. He agreed to be a beard because he’s failing as an artist. Boo-hoo!

Add into the mix the lack of chemistry between Macy and Jake and I just couldn’t take it anymore. Good thing, this was a short read or else I wouldn’t have been able to finish it.


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