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My heart is still on the floor. I have yet to pick it up because Penny Reid just kicked it out of my ribcage with that cliffie. Thankfully, you won’t have to wait long for the next installment because the next book in this highly entertaining series will be released within a month after this one. So have no fear.

Elements of Chemistry: Attraction follows the story of Kaitlyn Parker and Martin Sendeke. Katy overheard some nefarious plot against Martin, who happens to be her chemistry lab partner. Katy thinks Martin is physically beautiful but she also acknowledges that he’s a jerk, so she makes it a point to stay away from him. This time though, she would be forced to interact with him because of what she’s heard. But surprise, surprise, Martin may have been admiring her from afar too because suddenly, Katy found herself being pursued by the hot jock.

One day I would persuade my grandchildren to gather ‘round while I put in my good dentures, the ones with no space between my two front teeth. I would tell them for the millionth time about how Hercules had once accidentally kissed me in the chemistry lab at my Ivy League University.

I loved Katy. She’s smart (Penny’s heroines always are) and quirky and to Martin’s chagrin, innocent. Bravo to the author for actually writing a virgin who doesn’t become a deepthroat master or sexpert overnight. Her reactions were real and I loved how she called out the hero for his somewhat misogynistic logic. I loved it.

“What does me being a virgin have to do with anything? All girls should be treated with respect regardless of whether or not they’re virgins. Being a virgin doesn’t make me any more or less worthwhile than a non-virgin. Your seduction logic is flawed.”

And she gets even better.

“But you being a virgin and you being Kaitlyn Parker makes me want to ensure our first time touching each other isn’t some grope session against the closet of a dorm room.”

“So if I hadn’t been a virgin, then we would… what? We would have just, just…” I couldn’t say the word fuck. I just couldn’t. Instead I rushed to finish, “You would have impaled me with your penis while I face planted against the closet?”

Ahahahahahaha! I don’t know why those lines made me happy but it did. I also loved that Katy questions Martin’s possessiveness and hilariously objected to being figuratively peed on.

A prickle of unease made the short hairs of my neck stand at attention. On one hand it was a lovely thing for him to say. On the other hand, he’d just figuratively urinated a circle around me in his blatant display of caveman possessiveness. Maybe I was overreacting, but I had no baseline for comparison. This was all very, very new territory for me.

Martin, “be still my beating heart” Sendeke is a mystery. He’s rich, he’s a jock and is sometimes easy to hate because of the crowd he runs with and his obvious privilege. But just as Katy is slowly getting to know him, readers also get an insight into why he is the way he is. And I love how we discover the good parts of him along with Katy.

“He needs a friend and all I can think about is doing very bad things to his body.”
“You’re starved for physical intimacy. He’s starved for emotional intimacy. Maybe you can help him and help yourself.”
“I don’t want to use him like that. I think his whole life people have been trying to use him.”

I am waiting with bated breath how their story unfolds in the next book. This one ends with a very distraught Katy after discovering that Martin may or may not have been playing her all along thus confirming her initial doubt about his intention. I for one am interested to know why. Why Martin, why?

ARC provided by Penny Reid in exchange for an honest review.

Author-Photo-Penny-Reid-300x300SEX! It all started with sex, between my parents. Personally I don’t like thinking about it, but whatever works for you is a-ok with me. No judgment. The sex happened in California and much of my life also occurred in that state until I moved from the land of nuts (almonds), wine, silicon… boobs, and heavy traffic to the southeast US. Like most writers I like to write, but let’s get back to sex. Eventually I married and gave birth to 2 small people-children (boy-6, girl-4 as of this writing).By day I’m a biomedical researcher with focus on rare diseases. By night I’m a knitter, sewer, lino block carver, fabric printer, soap maker, and general crafter. By the wee hours of the morning or when I’m intoxicated I love to listen to the voices in my head and let them tell me stories. I hope you enjoy their stories.

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