ARC Review: Dirty Thoughts by Megan Erickson

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Some things are sexier the second time around.

Cal Payton has gruff and grumbly down to an art…all the better for keeping people away. And it usually works. Until Jenna MacMillan-his biggest mistake—walks into Payton and Sons mechanic shop all grown up, looking like sunshine, and inspiring more than a few dirty thoughts. Jenna was sure she was long over the boy she’d once loved with reckless abandon, but one look at the steel-eyed Cal Payton has her falling apart all over again. Ten years may have passed, but the pull is stronger than ever… and this Cal is all man. Cal may have no intention of letting Jenna in, but she’s always been his light, and it’s getting harder to stay all alone in the dark. When a surprise from the past changes everything, Cal and Jenna must decide if their connection should be left alone or if it’s exactly what they need for the future of their dreams.

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An emotionally satisfying second chance romance between the sexy, gruff mechanic, Cal and the feisty and loyal Jenna. We met Cal and the rest of the Payton brothers in Make it Right as Max’s older brother. Cal has a giant chip on his shoulder due to the fact that their mother left leaving Cal to deal with the aftermath. He basically raised Brent and Max because his father mentally and emotionally checked out on them. It was a huge responsibility to carry but when he met Jenna McMillan in high school, she had helped him deal and made him happy. But that didn’t last, and the toll of taking care of his brothers and having to deal with his father made him bitter. He doesn’t want a family anymore. He’s done. All he wants is some peace and quite. Then Jenna comes roaring back into his life, bringing with her memories and regrets from the past. The attraction is still there as well as those pesky feelings he was trying his damnedest to suppress. Not only that, Cal also had to deal with the appearance of a family member he doesn’t know about. One of the many things I enjoyed about this book is Cal and Jenna. They fell in love while they were wrong and their age and social status worked against them. The second time they met, they were two different people. They have lived a little. And while they still had a lot of issues to deal with individually, they have both matured. I liked that. Sometimes, with second chance romances, I find myself frustrated because the MCs are still stuck in that high school or whatever phase they were on when they broke up. Both characters have truly grown up. The sexual tension as well as the chemistry between Jenna and Cal was palpable. I was torn between wanting to clobber Cal with my Kindle or give him a hug because the man clearly has issues. I understood why he felt like he has nothing to give anymore. It took quite a while for him to see how wrong he was but it was all worth it in the end. And even during the time when he was pushing Jenna away, as the reader, I know he’s not doing it to be petty or mean. He really thought he was doing her a favor. And Cal is such a good and honorable guy. Frustratingly so, I might add. I also found myself really rooting for Jenna because the woman has patience. But despite her feelings for him, she never allowed him to walk all over her. I wish I had gotten more of her back story with her family though. It was in the books but it wasn’t really front and center like it was with Cal’s. I did love her friendship with Delilah. It would be very remiss of me if I don’t mention the amusing banter between the Payton brothers. While I loved Cal, I think Brent has a bit of an edge because duh, any guy who sings to Guns N Roses is automatic winner in my book. I can’t wait for his book. They weren’t a perfect family but it was very obvious they loved each other. Jenna’s family wasn’t in it as much mainly because this was primarily Cal’s journey, IMO. We do get Jenna’s POV but I have to admit, Cal’s voice was stronger compared to Jenna’s. And I must give credit to Megan Erickson for this because this lady writes flawless male POVs. Definitely another great start to a series worth investing in. Up next is Brent, and oh boy, he’s going to be a handful to say the least.



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An ARC was provided by Megan Erickson in exchange for an honest review.

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