Racy Books We’re Reading This Year

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RACY READSBefore anything else, let me just say happy new year to everyone!

2014 has been a great year for books, and 2015 promises to be even better. Because of that, I’ve compiled a list of books that are coming out this year that we so badly want to read. This isn’t a general list, so you might not see every title releasing this year. What this list includes are books are either part of a series that I loved and looking forward to finishing; books from fave or auto-buy authors, and books about a character that I liked from a previous book or series.

So here is my list. Some of the books here might already be on your list also, some may not. For those that are not, I’ve linked them to Goodreads so you can read the blurb and consider adding them on your TBR pile.

1.) Falling Away by Penelope Douglas – So I’ve already read this. And trust me, you should put this book on your TBR if you haven’t already because Jaxon Trent is going to blow your mind. And it’s releasing on the 6th!

2.) Hero by Samantha Young – One of my top reads for 2014 was a Samantha Young book. While I still have a soft spot for her Dublin Street series, I’m looking forward to reading a new series from her.

3.) The Virgin by Tiffany Reisz –  I can’t begin to explain how much I want this book to be publish. If you love Tiffany Reisz’s the Original Sinners’ series, then you’ll be dying for this one, too.

4.) Deep (Stage Dive #4) – My favorite rock star series by far. Ben’s story has been building up two books ago, and I can’t wait to finally read it.

5. The Slayer by Kele Moon – The only fighter book that has ever captured my attention so completely. According to some friends who have read this in advance (lucky beeches), I’m in for a ride of my life.

6.) Silver Bastard by Joanna Wylde – This is the first book from the spin off of her Reaper’s MC series. With my beloved biker drama off the air, I need to compensate by reading more biker books and not less in 2015.

7.) Overruled by Emma Chase – I was so sad to say goodbye to Drew and Kate. So even though Drew will always have a special place in my heart, I cannot wait to meet Stanton and Sofia.

8.) Aflame (Fall Away #3.5) by Penelope Douglas – Jared and Tate’s story continues. This book will probably break my heart, but I don’t care. My body is ready. Bring it on.

9.) Truth or Beard by Penny Reid – I will read anything this woman writes. Anything. Full stop.

10.) His First and Last by Terri Osburn – Terri is a new to me author I discovered in 2014. She writes gorgeous and timeless romances that’s just amazing and perfect in every way. People need to start reading her in 2015.

11.) Thick Love by Eden Butler – Ransom’s story promises to be as heartbreaking as his parents, and  I don’t think I can wait until August to read this book. I just can’t.

12.) The Friend Zone (Game on #2) by Kristen Callihan – The follow up book to last year’s The Hook Up, and just based on the blurb alone, I cannot wait to read this book. Gah!!

13.) Corrupt by Penelope Douglas – This will be the author’s first foray into dark romance. And while I’m only an occasional dark romance reader, I really don’t want to pass up reading a Penelope Douglas book.

14.) Where The Road Takes Me by Jay McLean – I loved this author’s More Series, and I, like many others, am excited to read more from this author.

15.) Fall With Me (Wait for You #4) by Jennifer L. Armentrout – Although, I haven’t read all books from this series, I enjoyed the first two, and judging by the blurb alone, this book is definitely a must-read for me this year.

16.) Trade Me by Courtney Milan – She’s probably more known for her wildly witty historicals, so when she announced that she’ll be writing a contemporary romance this year, I might have fangirled a bit. Let the Twitter-stalking commence.

17.) Out of Time by Beth Flynn – Nine Minutes was one of my most unforgettable reads from last year, and those who read the book knows that everything wasn’t quite what it was. I don’t

So these are the books that I am anxiously waiting for this year. What are yours?

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