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“…all beautiful things are a little broken.”

My first Claire Contreras and it’s a winner!

But before I talk about what made this book for me, can I just say something about the cover? I love LOVE the cover! It captures the tone of the book perfectly. It’s sweet, whimsical without being cheesy. I simply adored this cover.

Now that’s out of the way, I got say that I loved this book. It wasn’t perfect and I have issues with the way certain characters handled things but it really worked out well in the end.

Elle has been in love with his brother’s best friend ever since she could remember. He felt something for her then, too but his ambition and warnings from Elle’s older brother Victor made a relationship between them almost impossible. It resulted in heartbreak for Elle, and Oliver, despite the shitty way he handled things, couldn’t quite get Elle out of his mind.

“Love is beautiful, shattering, moving, haunting. Love is everything.”

Elle moved on only to get her heart broken once again by a devastating loss. Trying to pick up the pieces of her life, Elle moved back in with her brother, which brought her into Oliver’s orbit once again. And while the attraction still simmers between them, Elle isn’t too keen about letting Oliver in once again.

Oliver for his part wanted Elle but he wanted a lot of things too. And it became a source of conflict between them aside from the fact that they need to keep everything a secret because of Victor. And although, I want to both smack them upside in the head sometimes, I loved their connection.

Most of them, with these types of stories, I lament the lack of real connection between the hero and the heroine, but I really felt it with this book. I understood why Elle never really moved on from Oliver and continued to carry a torch for him despite loving another man. I wasn’t sure at all about Oliver’s feelings until I read his POV, which really gave insight into why he was so driven to succeed. I didn’t always agree with his decisions but it was consistent to his character and he won me over at the end.

“My mind is yours. My hands are yours. My heart is yours. Everything I have is yours. Everything I am is yours.”


The story, the characters and the writing just gelled for me. I’m not familiar with Contreras’ previous work but in this book, her writing style is easy, straightforward, engaging and emotionally nuanced. Once I started reading, I couldn’t not put it down.

Overall, it was delightful read. I loved the significance of the kaleidoscope hearts. And yes, I would definitely read more from this author.

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