ARC Review: Loving Dallas (Neon Dreams #2) by Caisey Quinn

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In the second novel in bestselling author Caisey Quinn’s Neon Dreams series, a country rock band and its members embark on the rocky road to fame and find love along the way.

Dallas Lark is so close to achieving his dream of making it big in country music that he can taste it. Arriving in Nashville after signing with sexy, successful manager Mandy Lantram, his life goes from tragedy and turmoil to one lucky break after another—except it isn’t really luck because Dallas has sacrificed everything for his career, leaving behind his band, sister, best friend, and high school sweetheart, Robyn, in the pursuit of fame.

Robyn Breeland is a successful marketing coordinator and promotions specialist for a thriving liquor distributor out of Texas. She loves every aspect of her job: coming up with new ideas, traveling, hosting promotional parties and exclusive events—until it brings her face-to-face with the man who broke her heart, prompting her to erect a steel cage around it.

When their paths collide and they’re forced to work together, Dallas and Robyn realize that the old spark they thought they’d extinguished might still be a burning flame.

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WARNING! There may be spoilers from book one, Leaving Amarillo!
Loving Dallas is the second book out of Caisey Quinn’s Neon Dreams series. It follows the lives and loves of the country band Leaving Amarillo. This time, it’s all about Dallas.

Loving Dallas starts right where Leaving Amarillo left off with Dallas going off on a tour without Dixie or Gavin as a result of Mandy’s manipulation and Gavin’s personal troubles. Dallas Lark is no more. Dallas Walker would have to go at it alone without his sister and his best friend.

When Dallas joined Jase Wade’s tour as an opening act, he never expected to come face to face with his past. Robyn Breeland wasn’t the same girl that Dallas left years ago. She’s now a successful career woman and being the PR and marketing person for Midnight Bay for Jase Wade’s concert tour means she finally has the chance to prove her worth. But her plans got derailed when she came face to face with the only boy she’s ever loved.

“The grown-up Dallas Walker Lark is all hard edges, and intensity—sin wrapped in sugar sprinkled with lust. And I want to savor every single bite.”

I liked the second-chance romance theme for this book. It’s quite clear to the reader that Dallas and Robyn still have feelings for each other. Their chemistry is still potent. But getting together now might jeopardize their dreams. Plus, they have a lot of unresolved issues stemming from their first break up that was never really resolved. That contributed to the fragility of their reunion. So they tried to keep it casual. No promises beyond what they’re getting during the tour. It was mutual and it was fun. At least at first. But then you just can’t shake that feeling that shit will hit the fan soon and it could obliterate their bond once again.

And shit did hit the fan. And it’s frustrating as a reader when the characters you’re rooting for manage to ruin a good thing by doing the exact same thing they did before which was the reason why they broke up in the first place. To be fair, they were able to resolve it but it seriously annoyed me. I wanted to chuck my Kindle across the room.

SPOILER ALERT: Also, heads up there’s a surprise pregnancy  which was okay to me. It was done well and I had no problems with it. END OF SPOILER

Again, I loved the way Caisey Quinn wrote the music business aspect of the book. She captured the seedy side of the business and the struggles Dallas is going through, trying to remain true to himself while embracing stardom. It’s a constant struggle. I think the author did a fantastic job writing one secondary character in particular. I thought Jase Wade was an asshole at first but the author added complexity to his character. Mandy, Dallas’ manager, didn’t fare as well as Jase. She was this clichéd bitch who undermines her talent’s authority. But I can’t complain too much because she did get her comeuppance. Or at least I think she did.

But unlike the first book, we get an HEA for Dallas and Robyn, which was a relief. There are some parts to their story that remain unresolved like Robyn’s job at Midnight Bay or Dallas’ prospect after he walked out of the tour without permission. These things remained unresolved for now. We also get a taste for Gavin and Dixie’s story which will also be resolved in the next book. So to say that I’m in pins and needles waiting for the third book would be an understatement.

So despite that momentary glitch around 71%, I still ended up liking this one very much. The story came together really well and the writing was wonderful and engaging, so I can’t down rate it based on that glitch alone. And relationship wise, they managed to resolve some of their problems earlier than expected. Not to mention, this book was very, very hot. That was an unexpected surprised. One that I enjoyed very much.


ARC provided by William Morrow via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

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