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The Baller: A Down and Dirty Football Novel

Title: Baller
Author: Vi Keeland
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Rating: C


The first time I met Brody Easton was in the men’s locker room. It was my first interview as a professional sportscaster. The famed quarterback decided to bare all. And by all, I don’t mean he told me any of his secrets. No. The arrogant ass decided to drop his towel, just as I asked the first question. On camera. The Super Bowl MVP quickly adopted a new hobby—screwing with me. When I pushed back, he shifted from wanting to screw with me, to wanting to screw me.

But I don’t date players. And it’s not because I’m one of the few women working in the world of professional football. I’d date an athlete. It’s the other kind of player I don’t date. You know the type. Good looking, strong, cocky, always looking to get laid.

Brody Easton was the ultimate player. Every woman wanted to be the one to change him. But the truth was, all he needed was a girl worth changing for. Turned out, I was that girl. Simple right? Let’s face it. It never is. There’s a story between once upon a time and happily ever after… And this one is ours.

To be fair, I did enjoy this book. At least some parts of it. But there were a few things that really bothered me and it just ruined the whole book for me. And what made me even more upset is that it was so unnecessary.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Delilah is a newly minted sportscaster tasked with the plum job of interviewing the players of New York Steel football team. Brody Easton is the quarterback. He’s cocky, arrogant and it’s clear that he wants Delilah. She on the other hand has some reservations. He’s a player and isn’t the relationship type of guy while she doesn’t do casual sex.

I was enjoying their banter. Brody had some cringe-worthy lines but he still made me laugh. And I really, really loved Delilah. She’s driven, committed, funny as hell and fun. Her antics with her best friend Indie were hilarious.

So I was cruising along and liking what’s happening. And even though it’s pretty obvious something bad is going to happen and derail the romance between, I was still enjoying it and was looking forward to the upcoming conflict. Plus, it was only 48% or 50% or so on my Kindle. Plenty of time for Brody and Delilah to pull their heads out of their ass and resolve whatever conflict was coming.

Full disclosure: I already had an idea what the conflict was because I asked for spoilers. So I was prepared. What I wasn’t prepared for was the addition of another POV.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Please don’t open the spoiler tags if you don’t want to get spoiled, FtLoG!

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But it’s not the reason why I was annoyed and upset with the whole thing. Like I said, I was anticipating it. The reason for my annoyance was the author gave

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Just no.

It was totally unnecessary. The connection I had to the romance between Brody and Delilah just went poof! The connection between Delilah and Brody just stalled.

To add insult to injury, Brody had never thought/talked/exposed his feelings about Delilah in his POV. He thought about her like once. Not once did I ever felt like he was desperately falling for her. He thought about Willow more and the memories, and yes, even the sexy times they shared. Delilah? Nada. From Brody’s perspective or non-perspective, their connection was purely physical.

In fact, during some of the most crucial and heartrending scenes in book, Delilah wasn’t anywhere near Brody. Willow was. It totally messed up the dynamics for me. Just no. I’ve enjoyed books where there’s another person competing for the heroine/hero’s place and enjoyed it. Loved it even but here…it fell flat. Again because I didn’t feel that the hero desperately wants to be with the heroine.

But there’s more…

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Fortunately, the epilogue was really sweet and it kinda tempered my rage over that POV a little bit, which is why I gave this book 3 stars instead of 2. Plus, I enjoyed the other side characters and loved Delilah. I just hated that glitch in the middle.


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