Review: Everything I Left Unsaid by M. O’Keefe

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Title: Everything I Left Unsaid
Author: M. O’Keefe
Series: Everything I Left Unsaid #1
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Rating: B

I didn’t think answering someone else’s cellphone would change my life. But the stranger with the low, deep voice on the other end of the line tempted me, awakened my body, set me on fire. He was looking for someone else. Instead he found me.

And I found a hot, secret world where I felt alive for the first time.

His name was Dylan, and, strangely, he made me feel safe. Desired. Compelled. Every dark thing he asked me to do, I did. Without question. I longed to meet him, but we were both keeping secrets. And mine were dangerous. If I took the first step, if I got closer to Dylan—emotionally, physically—then I wouldn’t be hiding anymore. I would be exposed, with nothing left to surrender but the truth. And my truth could hurt us both.

This book came at exactly the right time for me. I was looking for something different without it being too out there and I got my wish. Everything I Left Unsaid is a thoughtful, provocative story of a young woman running from her abusive husband and straight into the arms of a mysterious, scarred man whose secrets could hurt those around him.

When Annie answered a mysterious cell phone she found inside her newly rented trailer, she had no idea what she was in for. The owner of the voice Dylan Daniels convinced her to spy on her neighbor for him since that was what the previous owner of the cell phone did before Annie found it. Curious and intrigued, she agreed. This was to be start of her relationship with Dylan.

I loved how their “relationship” evolved. It was totally unique and intriguing. And very, very hot and titillating. Phone sex has never been this hot. I’m not even kidding. By the time Annie and Dylan met the sexual tension was already through the roof.

Much like Annie, I was intrigued and curious about Dylan Daniels and his connection to the man he wanted Annie to spy on. Although I gotta say that their relationship was quite obvious to the reader from the get go, it still doesn’t negate the mystery and the intrigue surrounding their relationship.

Then there’s Annie and Dylan’s relationship. Prior to leaving her abusive husband, Annie was very sheltered. Her back story was quite intriguing and while readers know why she ran early on, the author did a great job with exposing the many facets of Annie’s old life. Although, she does come off as Mary Sue-ish at times, I loved her strength and bravery. Aside from Annie’s POV, we also get inside Dylan’s head, which was fantastic because we get to read his inner turmoil. He’s such an interesting hero. He’s definitely has a lot of baggage and I hope the next book delves deeper into his back story.

There’s so much more to this book than just sex. There’s a story here and each of the characters are so well drawn that it made the story fuller and more enjoyable. So I highly recommend this one.

A word of warning though. This ends on a cliffhanger. A huge one.

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