Review: Out from Under You (Smart Girls Finish First #1) by Sophie Swift

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“Love is an earthquake. It comes when you least expect it. It rips the ground clear away. Right out from under you.”

This was me attempting to clean my TBR folder on my Calibre/Kindle last night.

And this was me 3 hours later.

TBR pile still in shambles but…I was able to not only finish Out From Under You but enjoyed it immensely. I was surprised at how much I liked this book considering:

A. I hate when my hero and heroine cheat with each other.
B. I hate love triangles.

This book have both of those elements in heaps. Like massive, massive cheating with a giant obtuse triangle right in the middle of it.

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But I loved it. Why?

The WRITING. Sophie Swift is a sword-smith.

“Every time his lips crushed against hers in the hallway of our high school. Every time I heard the moans of their teenage experimentation in the bedroom next to mine. Every time he promised to never leave her. It was like having to reread the same sad ending to a disappointing book over and over again.”

I am drowning in my uncontrollable desire for him. Submerged in the quiet intensity of his eyes.

“What’s your name?” I asked.
“Is that your real name? Or is it like your secret, undercover Clark Kent name.”
She rolled her eyes. “Superman is a douche.”
I blinked at her brashness. “A douche? But he has the word ‘super’ in his name.”
She shook her head ever so slightly. “Anyone who has to call himself super can’t be very super.”
I cocked an eyebrow. “I sense an epic debate in our near future.”

The editing isn’t spotless but this girl has talent. Period.

I was engaged from the get-go. I didn’t stop until I reached the last page. I raged, I cried, I laughed with her characters.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Lia Smart has been in love with Grayson since she was a teenager. But then she started dating her older sister Alex. The relationship lasted all through college until it ended. Just when Lia thought she’s free of her attraction to Grayson, he walked back into her life years later. As her sister’s fiance. This sets off a chain of events that changed their lives. Grayson found himself physically drawn to Lia. She’s definitely not just her girlfriend’s kid sister anymore. She’s grown into a beautiful woman, and Grayson can’t seem to stay away.

I usually am very uncomfortable with cheating in my books, and Grayson and Lia cheated. But boy, oh boy, I just couldn’t help but root for them. The author did such a phenomenal job with building each character that you just get sucked in. These are not perfect characters. They are all flawed. But what I loved about it is that the author made me see and feel the guilt that these characters are feeling. She made me feel their turmoil. I raged at some of the decisions they made. I didn’t always agree with it but she laid out their motivations perfectly that I totally understood why those things happened.

All the places where he touched me—where his fingers grazed my skin, setting it ablaze with fire and curiosity—are starting to grow cold. Like a massive cloud drifting over me, blocking my heat source, casting my entire body in a wintry, lonely shadow.

I go to her not because there’s no place else to go.
But because she’s the only place to be.

The angst in this book almost killed me. I hated that Lia and Grayson cheated. Well, Grayson mostly since Lia wasn’t in a relationship but Alex was her sister. Granted Alex was a bitch but cheating is still cheating. The only reason why I kinda understood and was rooting for them was the fact that Lia knew Grayson first and they had a connection prior to being physical with each other despite Grayson’s thoughts on the matter.

And Grayson…

I get where he’s coming from. I really do but he was just so wrong, not to mention blind and stupid when it comes to Alex. I wanted to hit him or strangle him for being so obtuse. But I appreciated that the author gave me his POV. It made his decisions understandable at least, knowing what he went through.

Despite the fact that I loved the writing and the characters, I couldn’t give this 5 stars. The ending just felt rushed for me. A couple more chapters preferably with Jason groveling big time would have been great. Unfortunately, there was no grovel. I needed to hear from Grayson. I wanted to know how he can make it up to Lia. I really do.

Still a great read though.

I’m gonna get back to cleaning out my TBR folder. For real this time.



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