Review: Prick: A Step-Brother Romance by Sabrina Paige

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There is nothing more amazing than being pleasantly surprised by a book. Nothing. As you guys might have noticed, there’s a huge influx of “stepbrother” books in the market right now, thanks to Penelope Ward’s success with Stepbrother Dearest. Now everywhere you turn, there’s a new book with stepbrother on the title, and sorry to say that most of them are not just good.

So when this book came up on my FB feed, I was a bit skeptical. Then I read the blurb, and it sounds interesting enough. Plus it’s only 99 cents, so what the hell, right? But then when I started reading I found myself giggling and then fanning myself…and laughing and before I knew it, it was 4 am and I already finished the whole book.

I was zombie the next day but…

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Katherine Harrison is Brighton Academy’s resident Miss Priss. She’s smart, safe, and oh, she’s also a virgin. So before she goes to college, she planned on getting rid of her virginity and there’s only one person in Brighton Academy who can help her get rid of it — Mr. Celebrity Manslut Caulter Sterling.

After indulging in a night of debauchery, Kate resolved to forget about Caulter. Besides, she hates him and she’s pretty sure the feeling is mutual. But then two weeks after, she gets the shock of her life when her father announced his engagement to none other than Caulter’s mom.

This book is told from Kate and Caulter’s POV. You actually see the progression of the relationship seen from both their eyes.

I enjoyed how the author wrote each characters. Caulter was a bad boy through and through. He says what’s on his mind and most of his thoughts were downright hilarious…and hot. Kate was abrasive but surprisingly, I preferred her that way. She gave it all she’s got and she didn’t take any shit from her. They were a perfect match. They both equally goaded each other, which made for some very explosive hate sex.

“I haven’t been a virgin for months now, thanks to you. And you’re an arrogant, egotistical prick who can’t think about anything except getting laid,” I say, unable to resist.
“Nerd,” he says, but his head lolls back as I jerk him off into my mouth, my tongue stroking the end of his head.
“Manwhore.” I wrap my lips around his head, sucking in as I stroke. I cradle his balls with my other hand.
“Shit,” he says, pulling my head down farther. “Suck it like you mean it, Princess.”

“Don’t be crude.”
“Because I used the word pussy, or step-brother?” I ask.
“Both.” She squirms.
“Are you going to wash your hands before we go?” she asks through gritted teeth.
“I don’t think so,” I say, turning to start down the hall. (…) “I’d rather eat pussy for breakfast anyway.”
Katherine rushes forward and grabs my arm, jerking me toward her. “You’re going to smell like me,” she whispers. She’s so panicked-looking that it makes me laugh. “Go wash your fucking hands.”
“I would have washed my hands, before you started insisting on it,” I say. “But now I’d rather just bask in your scent during breakfast.”

Crude, I know. But considering the situation they were in, it was also funny as hell. Their chemistry was off the charts, and it’s banter like those quoted above that made this an enjoyable read for me. But don’t be fooled by their sometimes crude exchange, Caulter and Kate are both well developed characters. The author did a good job with showing me their struggles to become who they were despite the pressures of having famous parents.

Kate wanted her father’s approval all her life. He controlled her and he had lofty plans for her, plans that she doesn’t want but was forced to accept to keep the peace between them. Caulter also had to deal with his own issues. Mainly, his relationship with his neglectful mother and the revolving door of men in his mother’s life. I had no doubt she loved him the best she could but she was too self-absorbed to care for another human being. In a way, Caulter and Kate both understood and have a lot in common with each other.

Another thing I liked about this book was that the characters stayed consistent. Caulter didn’t turn into a cheesy schmuck and Kate didn’t become a doormat. While Kate did submit to him in bed, she fought him outside of it. I really really liked the dynamic of their relationship and how they slowly came to realize their growing feelings.

So why only 4 stars?

Well, just when the story reached its climax, I was treated to a time jump. One year a later to be exact. Don’t get me wrong, it was okay but I wish things were a little more fleshed out after the big blow up. I wanted to see that train wreck happen. It was essentially fade to black. It was a bit disappointed. A few chapters more would have in between the climax and the resolution would have pushed this book to five-star status for me.

Yet, despite that, I could not put this book down. I was thoroughly entertained by Kate and Caulter. So four stars all the way!


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  1. Flavia Davids

    Love the review Babes… Thought it would be a dead end… After I read Penelope Ward’s book, I was liked hooked, but not all of them were good. So thanks for this Review definitely getting it. 🙂

    • Geri

      Flavs, you are going to love this book! I was hooked from the beginning until the end. And unlike most stepbrother books where the heroine is a doormat, Kate wasn’t. She’s as feisty as Caulter. 🙂

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