Review: Sacked by Jen Frederick

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Title: Sacked
Author: Jen Frederick
Genre: New Adult
Release Date: September 8, 2015
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Rating: B

What he wants he gets…

Knox Masters is a quarterback’s worst nightmare. Warrior. Champion. And…virgin. Knox knows what he wants–and he gets it. All American Football player? Check. NFL pros scouting him? Check. Now, he’s set his sight on two things. The national title. And Ellie Campbell. Sure, she’s the sister of his fellow teammate, but that’s not going to stop him. Especially not when he’s convinced Ellie is the one.

…but he’s never met her before.

But Ellie isn’t as sure. She’s trying to start a new life and she’s not interested in a relationship…with anyone. Beside it’s not just her cardinal rule of never dating her brother’s teammates that keeps her away, but Ellie has a dark secret that would jeopardize everything Knox is pursuing.

Knox has no intention of losing. Ellie has no intention of giving in.

Knox Masters is a college football superstar on the verge of becoming a top draft pick in the NFL. One morning, he meets Ellie and becomes instantly smitten with Ellie, and relentlessly pursues her. But Ellie is having none of it. She has something to hide and it could affect not only Knox’s chances with the NFL but her brother’s chances at playing football.

Sacked is one of those sweet, easy reads that has likable characters, great banter and serious steam. I liked the relationships among the players—with Knox and his teammates; Ellie and her brother; Knox and Ellie. I especially enjoyed reading about Knox’s teammates. Those interactions were hilarious. I also really liked the chemistry between Knox and Ellie. But what really stood out for me aside from Knox and Elli’s relationship was Ellie’s relationship with her brother Jack. The way they were there for each other despite the shitty way their parents treated them was great to read. It added some complexity to Ellie’s character and it makes her reticent to start something with Knox understandable.

I also loved how football was weaved prominently throughout the book. I notice sometimes with sports romance that the sports side isn’t really given enough focus. But here, it plays an important role. You get to see the dedication, discipline, and passion these athletes have for football. Again, it adds an interesting layer to the story overall.

Knox Masters is the perfect hero. And when I say perfect, I mean, perfect. Too perfect, in fact, that his character became too Gary Stu-ish for me. I mean, he’s hot, popular, a great jock, a virgin and knows where to put it. Not only that he’s also a one woman man looking for The One. Too perfect. Also I wasn’t a fan of the twin test. I know Jude Deveraux has used this type of test in her own novels and I’ve always found it unbelievable and crazy. I wasn’t a fan then and I wasn’t a fan of it now.

Despite that, this book ended up being really enjoyable and fun to read. And Jen Frederick has perfectly set up the other characters to have their own story, too which I’m definitely looking forward to reading. Can’t wait.

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