Review: The Way With You by Anne Mercier

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Review: The Way With You by Anne MercierThe Way With You
by Anne Mercier
on May 21st, 2016
Genres: New Adult
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Finding a "happily ever after" was hard enough. Keeping it is even harder.

Olivia Brennan and Cameron Stone have both gone through Hell and back to finally find their way to each other. With obstacles set against them, the struggle to stay connected is harder than ever. Between their academic schedules, Olivia's newfound campus infamy, and a conniving ex stirring up trouble, Liv and Cam begin to struggle to keep what they've worked so hard for

But when something unexpected fractures their trust, they must decide if they can repair what's left of their fragile love or will they discover that "happily ever after" is just for fairytales? 

Not all plot twists are created equal.

Some plot twists are just dumb plot contrivances disguising as plot twists.


If you’ve read the first book, then you’d know about Cameron and Olivia. Cameron isn’t a perfect hero. He’s the typical NA hero but he was written in a such a way that you believe his love for the heroine.

They have their HEA, and then boom! An ex of Cameron enters the picture.

Now, I wasn’t worried. Ex-drama can be good when done right. Unfortunately, the ex drama in this book, like so many other dumb things in this book, was insipid and lacking depth.

I won’t go into details but Alison, the ex, made Cruella de Vil look like Jesus incarnate. Alison is nothing but walking, talking caricature of a villain.

Which leads us to how thoroughly the author butchered Cameron’s character in this book. It’s a bloody character assassination, and poor Cameron doesn’t even know what hit him.

This character went from the jerk who secretly pined for the heroine, looked after the heroine without her knowledge, struggled and worked towards winning the heroine’s affection in the first book, to being a first class d-bag in the second book. ALL WITHOUT ANY EXPLANATION!!

Oh wait. Let me rephrase that because that’s totally wrong. There was indeed an explanation for Cameron’s sudden 180.


Yup. You read that right. Football. Please don’t even ask me to elaborate because I can’t.

Has Cameron taken too many footballs to the head therefore changing his personality? Was his body taken over by aliens? Did he suffer from temporary amnesia? Was Olivia unknowingly transported to another dimension where D-Bag Cameron resides?

The author didn’t really offer a feasible or believable explanation as to why he changed. Why? They were loved up and committed and in the next page, literally the next page, he suddenly turns into a douche. Just like that.

And the worst part? There was no effort to redeem the character. He was just written off as someone who didn’t really care about the heroine contradicting all his actions in the first book.

So the book ended with the heroine with another guy: her friend Bash, *vomits at the insipid name* because duh, he’s the real hero after all. And this happened not in the middle or maybe 30% into the book. All this–Bash being the hero–happened around 80% to 90% of the book. I shit you not.

So the Bash and Olivia rode off into the sunset and lived happily ever after…or at least until some other guy comes into the picture that is.

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