ARC Review: The Friend Zone (Game On #2) by Kristen Callihan

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I think I’ve been spoiled. I’ve read four straight NAs and liked them all. That has never happened to me before. Out of all four, this may be my favorite. I loved this author’s previous book, The Hook Up. In fact, that book made it to my top read for 2014. It’s safe to say that Kristen Callihan’s follow-up, The Friend Zone, is poised to make it to my favorites list this year as well.

Unknown: Mr. Grayson, my father tells me he lent you my car. I don’t really care if he’s going to sign you or not. As said agent’s daughter, I know football players and their ways. So let me be clear. There will be no shenanigans taking place in it or you’ll answer to me. You want to hook up with one of your women, do it in a bed and not in my car. Sincerely, Ivy Mackenzie.

This book had me from that very first text exchange between Gray and Ivy. I knew it was going to be good when the banter keeps on coming and sexual tension just kept on rising with every page.

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The Friend Zone is about Gray and Ivy. If you’ve read the Hook-Up, Gray is Drew Baylor’s tight-end, best friend. When his agent asked him to “take care” of his daughter’s car, Gray never thought he would immediately hit it off with Ivy MacKenzie. But they did, and at the expense of sounding trite and clichéd, that laid a foundation for their friendship. But Gray never had female friends before. Ivy was the first. She was funny, snarky and more importantly she seems to just want to be friends with him too. Just friends.

^^Still cracks me up every time.

When they finally met face-to-face, all bets are off because the more they spend time together, the more Gray wants Ivy.

“Truth? Had we met before the texts, I’d have tried something. She’s funny and smart and hot. Who wouldn’t want her? Shit, I don’t know, man. I just like her. I really like her. She’s the first person I want to talk to. Every day.”

This book surprised me in every way. Or should I say Gray surprised me in every way. This was a guy who had a reputation with zee ladies and the nickname Glamour Gray doesn’t exactly win him points either. BUT I was WRONG about Gray.

For those who are worried about Gray holding on to the idea that he’s not good enough for Ivy or worried about Gray pushing Ivy away because he’s a typical manho, fear not. He is totally swoon-worthy.

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But Gray isn’t the only reason why you should read this book because hello! The heroine is no slouch either. In most cases with NA, the heroine always gets overshadowed by the hero. But not here because Ivy is the bomb. She speaks her own mind and can hold her own against Gray or anybody else for that matter. She’s a 6 feet tall of AWESOME!

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And can I just give a hug to Kristen Callihan for writing about positive female relationships in this book. Ivy’s relationship with her sister Fiona adds a fantastic layer to the book as well as their complicated relationship with their father. Same goes for Gray and his parents.

Gray’s teammates, are featured a lot in this book. And Kristen Callihan seems to be giving us hints as to the future storyline for some of these characters, which I am 100% down with especially ‘Londo’s story. (Oh please, please, Kristen. Write ‘Londo’s story. Please.)

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I’m not even going to touch on how hot this book is because the cover alone should already clue you in. But in all seriousness, this book ticked all my yes boxes. Gray and Ivy’s relationship was fantastic to behold. Yes, their relationship is sweet but they also went through some pretty intense moments in the book, which in most cases, don’t always work with me but it did in this book. It succeeded in showing me their evolution as a couple and it should their individual strengths. I can’t say anymore because it would spoil too much but I will say this: Kristen Callihan handled that particular moment magnificently.

I can’t recommend this book enough. Read it.



ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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