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My lovelies, I’ve been in a terrible, TERRIBLE book slump these past two weeks. After I finished reading Claire Contreras’ Paper Hearts, I could not get into any other book since then. I’ve had two DNFs and those I finished reading, I wasn’t really crazy about. So I’ve decided to step back and do my annual re-read instead. And let me tell you, it felt wonderful to read my favorite books again.

So this post will serve as a mini-review of sorts of all the books I’ve re-read this past week. Now, a couple of these books I’ve read a long time ago. Back when I was in college, to be exact. Anyway, more on that later.

First up, Sugar Daddy by Lisa Kleypas. Sugar Daddy is the first book off of her Travises series.

This one was a pleasant surprise. I didn’t like this as much when I first read it. First of all, the hero and heroine didn’t meet until halfway through the book. Second, I thought another guy was going to be the hero and I was rooting for him. Turns out, he wasn’t the hero, which made sense since this book wouldn’t even belong in this series if Liberty if ended up with anyone other than a Travis. But I digress.

Anyway, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise since this guy became the hero in the second book, which is my favorite in the series. So it’s not surprising that I liked this better the second time around because I’ve gained some perspective on a few things especially with the author’s decision to pair Liberty and Gage instead of Liberty and Hardy. And it also helped that I know going in this wasn’t going to be romance but more on the chick-lit, women’s fiction side of things. 

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Next up is the Blue-Eyed Devil, again by Ms. Kleypas. The second book in her Travises series and this time, it’s the story about the youngest and only daughter, Haven Travis and Hardy Cates.

This one still remains my favorite in the series for many reasons. One, Hardy Cates, Duh. Despite the lack of Hardy Cates POV, he’s still a very vivid and strong character as we see and get to know him through the eyes of Haven. Reason number two is Haven Travis. She’s one of my favorite LK heroine. Despite growing up privileged, she wasn’t spoiled. I loved how she came into her own strengths. I love how flawed she is. Her relationship with her father wasn’t perfect. In fact, Haven was never a perfect daughter, and I loved that.

Third reason? This book was steam. Not in a crude, smutty kind of way but still steamy. Lisa Kleypas is one of those writers who doesn’t always spell out emotions or things in her book. She gives you a reference and you let your imagination do the work, and my imagination works just fine, thank you very much. I swear, the found the sexy scenes in this book steamier compared to other erotic romance books out there without using the any C word, P word or F word.

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For my third re-read for the week, I decided to changed it up a bit and went the historical route. I have so many, many books that I wanted to re-read within this genre but I have to start somewhere. What better place to start reading HR again than with Judith McNaught.

I discovered Judith McNaught, along with Jude Deveraux and Julie Garwood back in college. That’s about 18 years or so ago, so a long time. This next book is one of my favorite from hers.

Once and Always tells a story of a young American women, who came to England to live with her long lost relatives after her parents died. It had lots of drama, lots of misunderstandings, which is pretty typical Judith McNaught.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me this time around. I found the constant misunderstanding and Jason’s abusive behavior towards Victoria tiring. Jason is your typical emotionally scarred, abusive hero, and while that sometimes works for me, (don’t judge), it didn’t here. I didn’t feel there was enough balance in Jason’s treatment of Victoria. Also, I’m being constantly reminded that Victoria is not only beautiful but also intelligent…except that her actions contradicts that. She constantly makes the most irrational decision and she always runs away. Plus, the ending was very abrupt. I still enjoyed it since it’s well written and JM always brings out the emotion from me but yeah…they weren’t very pleasant.

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And last but not the least, is another Judith McNaught classic, Something Wonderful. This book and Once and Always belong to the same series although they’re unrelated. They’re called Sequels, and for the life of me, I can’t remember the  reason why they’re called Sequels.

 Anyway, Something Wonderful was indeed still wonderful after all these years. Yes, we still have a Mary Sue heroine in Alexandra and another emotionally scarred and cruel hero in Jordan, but I concede that their pairing worked for me big time. And compared with Jason, Jordan genuinely liked Alex and is enchanted by her.

So it’s no surprise that I liked this better than Once and Always. I loved how Alex started off as this naive virgin heroine who wears her heart on her sleeves only to be disillusioned when confronted by Jordan’s past indiscretion.

And Jordan, while he had his moments, genuinely cares for Alex, I feel. I loved he was brought to his knees by this girl and he can’t do anything about it. I also liked the secondary characters in this book a lot better than I did the first one. Also, epilogue! Yup, this one has an epilogue albeit a short one. Still a short epilogue is better than nothing, right?

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And that’s about it. Some of my faves held up after all these years, while some didn’t feel quite the same, and this is because taste do change. We also gain perspective on things that could affect out enjoyment about certain topics or behaviors, etc.

What about you? Have you had time to re-read you favorite romance titles? Did you love them still after all this time or has your love for it changed? I would love to hear from you. Share your favorite re-reads in the comment section below.

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  1. Stephanie

    I love Judith McNaught. She’s my all-time favorite romance author. Sadly, I haven’t been able to find anyone who writes as well as her in the romance genre 🙁 She gives me all the feels lol

      • Stephanie

        I’ve never heard of that before, but that’s really funny. I guess they are the best of the best. I’m a big fan of Julie Garwood too 🙂

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