TRLR Hit List: Contemporary Romances Set Outside the US

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I have a confession to make. This post has been languishing in draft folder for a while now, and it wasn’t until last night that I finally got to finish writing it. Hurrah! *throws confetti in the air*

So here it is. TRLR’s Hit List. First up, contemporary romance set outside the US, and let me tell you guys that I’ve read and loved everything on this list.

I have to add a disclaimer though. All the books included on this list are books that I’ve read personally. So if you don’t see your fave books here, don’t fret. It might be because I haven’t read it yet. So if you think your fave book belongs on this list, tell me about it in the comments section and I’ll be adding it to my TBR.

Now on to the Hit List. In random order.

On Dublin Street Series by Samantha Young (On Dublin Street, Until Fountain Bridge, Down London Road, Before Jamaica Lane, Fall From India Place, Echoes of Scotland Street, Moonlight on Nightingale Way)


When I started thinking about this post, the series that came to mind immediately were Samantha Young’s On Dublin Street series. These interconnected standalones are set against the backdrop of beautiful Edinburgh. The titles themselves are inspired by real places in Edinburgh. Sexy, angsty, with a dose of humor.

It starts off when a young American woman who is running from her traumatic past moved to Edinburg and meets The ONE. The said One has a group of friends with their own stories to tell and viola! you have yourself a series. And while I enjoyed all the books, my favorite has to be the third book, Before Jamaica Lane.  It’s an absolute must-read!


Brothers Ink Series by Sarah Mayberry (Satisfaction, Anticipation)



Set in Australia, the Brothers’ Ink series centers around a tattoo shop owned by the brothers Oliviera. Sarah Mayberry writes smart, sexy romances with complex and layered characters, and this series is no different.

The first book started with a mistaken identity that turned into red-hot love affair. The second book is a friends-to-lovers tale between the charming, self-confessed manho and his feisty, tattooed co-worker.


The Rock Kiss Series by Nalini Singh (Rock Addiction, Rock Courtship, Rock Hard, Rock Redemption)

2351431622847538Well okay, some parts of this series are set in LA but for the most part–and this is especially true for Rock Hard–it’s set in New Zealand. Nalini Singh is synonymous with sexy PNRs thanks to her very successful Psy-Changeling and Guild Hunter series. Rock Kiss is contemporary featuring a famous rock band called Schoolboy Choir.

My favorite in this series is Rock Hard. It’s set entirely in New Zealand with a former rugby superstar as a hero. Yes, this book doesn’t quite fit with the whole rock star thing but there’s an explanation for it, I swear.


Unwanted Series by Natasha Anders (The Unwanted Wife, A Husband’s Regret, The Unlikely Lover)


If you’re an angst lover like me, I would highly recommend Ms. Anders’ series set in Cape Town, South Africa. The first book, The Unwanted Wife was especially excellent not just in the angst department but in the mighty grovel department.

This book and this whole series in general is still one of my favorite series to re-read. It’s addicting and a definite guilty pleasure.



So that’s my list. So far. It’s far from complete and I’m on a mission of discovering these books. So what about you? Do you have a list of contemporary romances set outside of the US that I should be reading? Give your recommendations in the comments section below!



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