ARC Review: Waiting For The One by L.A. Fiore

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Saffron Mills has lived all of her almost thirty years in Harrington, Maine—a small town where fishing is plenty, but available men are far too few. Yet it’s not just her dating dry spell that draws her to recent arrival Logan MacGowan. Tall, dark, and handsome, with emerald-green eyes and an impossibly hot body, Logan is a gorgeous enigma whose silence she takes for indifference…until one unforgettable chance meeting, when pent-up attraction ignites into the most intense encounter of her life.

In this quiet, quirky town, no one knows that Logan’s alter ego is famous sculptor and tabloid darling David Cambre. In New York, he had all the wrong kind of attention, but in Harrington, he’s found peace, privacy…and Saffron. She’s witty, forthright, and so much sexier and stronger than she knows. But how do you protect the love you’ve been waiting for when your own lifestyle could be destined to rip it apart?

♥my review♥

Spoilers Ahoy!

Based on the blurb alone, this has 5-star potential written on it. I mean, a small town girl living in nowhere town befriended and eventually falling in love with the mysterious new guy in town who happens to be a world-famous sculptor running from his life in the spotlight sounds awesome, right?

Well, apparently not.

The first 15% or so was great. The heroine was snarky and the hero, as expected, was dark and brooding. I liked how they came together initially in one of the funnier scenes in the book. But then the story went everywhere and nowhere pretty fast that I had whiplash.

So many things happened in this book, which is supposed to be a good a thing but everything that happened were so pointless , it didn’t add anything to the story or growth of the characters. It felt like filler drama. I like drama in my books. I like my angst. But it didn’t work in this book.

Saffron was Mary Sue personified. She had inattentive parents who don’t understand her life choices but befriended an old man who became her pseudo parent, who also happens to be secretly rich. This guy died not halfway through the book and left Saffron a huge inheritance! The whole town loves her. She turned a boring festival FUN by herself that the whole town was thankful she did what she did. And oh, she’s so unlucky in love that she “turned” her best friend gay after dating her. But no worries because she totally caught the eye of the new mysterious guy.

Logan was the perfect Gary Stu to Saffron’s Mary. He’s a child prodigy, Scottish with very wealthy parents. And yet when it came to Logan studying and perfecting his craft, they needed his parents’ friends to “sponsor” him so he can come to the US and pursue his art studies. Really? It doesn’t compute. Logan had no money and is tired of cougars sponsoring him that he is “forced” to model to finance his art. insert eye-roll here He’s so handsome and so gifted that he also became a world-famous male model. -_-

The conflict felt forced and contrived and frankly, so OVER-THE-TOP, it was ridiculous. There are so many things happening that I couldn’t keep up. The plot was all over the place. There’s the nosy reporter neighbor, a jealous ex, a psycho stalker, jealous fangirls, hate mails, tabloid reports, a botched engagement, a botched wedding, and faked deaths.  And oh…I almost forgot…unexpected pregnancy.  >_<

It was too much for my poor brain to handle. I’ve lost count how many times the hero ran away because he doesn’t wish his fame on Saffron because duuude, being famous is suuuuuppperrrrrrr hard. Which is why my eyes just about rolled out of my head when Logan invited every reporter in the Eastern seaboard to document his engagement to Saffron!  Arrggghhhhhh!!!

I mean, hello? What happened to being private?? Second, press release anyone?? For someone who is used to the fame and notoriety, Logan was dense as a board. And that last move he made annoyed me so much because it didn’t make sense at all.

Then there’s the ending…


Too much. I have no problem suspending disbelief when it comes to this genre but I have my limits, and this book not only tested those limits but exceeded it, which is not a good thing in this case.

Recommendation? Read at your own risk.



ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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