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reading-blogAbout two years ago, I started my first blog, Ever After Romance Book Blog. It was an extension of my passion for reading. I was so excited to be blogging about books that I love and loathe, and getting ARCs that I totally over-extended myself.

I got heavily involved with the blog tour circuit, and I signed up for every blog tour, cover reveal, release day blitz I could find. It was exhausting. Reading and reviewing became a chore. Worst of all, my blog doesn’t look like the blog that I had envisioned when I first started.

Last November, I decided to formally close that blog and start fresh. Hence, The Racy Lit Reader is born. This time, I won’t be doing much promo tours. If I do, it will only be because I truly loved the book and want to share my “find” with others.

I’ve also decided to include some opinion pieces about books (of course) or just blogging and other newsworthy tidbits in general. I may not be the biggest blogger running the biggest giveaway but I promise to always give my honest opinion. And while this blog is generally about what I think about a book, I would love to hear what you think also. Comments are always welcome.

So I hope you’ll take this journey with me.



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